Very Scarce Enfield Arsenal Lee-Metford .303

A very scarce Afghan War Bringback .303 Lee-Metford Rifle. This is a well-worn bringback that shows plenty of use in Afghanistan. The original metal finish is mostly gone—now in gray patina. Receiver is clearly marked “Enfield 1887” Serial # 984X with “M” re-work marking below serial number. This indicates that it was re-worked to the later specification .303 British specifications. Original rear sight and volley sight are in place, and function, but show considerable wear. Original brass buttplate. Magazine is a SMLE type, so it is not original. Has a notarized copy of the U.S. Army CENTCOM Afghanistan (OEF) bringback authorization paperwork in the butt-trap! Did not pass a bullet muzzle wear test, so this rifle will probably not shoot accurately unless cast bullet handloads are used. Should have its headspace checked by a gunsmith before firing. Not import marked. All in all, this rifle is a great properly-papered piece of Afghan War history that likely saw service in various hands from the late 1880s to at least the time of the Soviet invasion in the 1980s, and possibly much later. Note that less than 1/4 of 1% of rifles and carbines in the Lee-Enfield family were produced before 1899, making this very scarce, indeed! (NFPU-103)

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