Ruger Old Army .44 — Pre-Warning, Made in 1976

A Ruger Old Army .44 percussion revolver, blued steel.  Excellent condition.  “Pre-warning” production. (It has no “Before Using Gun – Read Warnings in Instruction manual…” rollmark.) In the original red Ruger factory box. Made in 1976, and barrel is rollmarked: “Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty.” Serial #140-2920X.  This blackpowder revolver is in excellent shape, with just a few handling marks and just a very faint trace of a cylinder-turn line. Appears unfired. (See photos.) The bore is pristine.  The original grips are in very nice shape. The box has some damage to one end. (See photos.) Standard 7.5-inch barrel and target adjustable sights. Federally exempt. No FFL is required. I also have a new-in-box stainless steel .45 Colt conversion cylinder available, if legal in your state.  But it must be ordered separately.  Blued conversion cylinders in .45 Colt and .45 ACP are available from two different makers. All Ruger Old Army variants were discontinued in 2009, and they are getting scarce and collectible. (HCKU-718)




Old Army

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