Remington Rolling Block Argentine Contract Model 1866/71 Carbine

PENDING SALE to Brian: A very nice, scarce, re-arsenalized Argentine Contract Remington Rolling Block Model 1866/71 Carbine chambered in .43 Spanish. This is a really nice-looking carbine with original 3-line Remington factory tang markings — with patent dates from 1864 to 1874. This carbine was likely produced by Remington in the mid-1880s. It has the scarce and desirable “N” arsenal stamp! It has a nice dark walnut stock with just one non-threatening crack at the grip. It has an exceptionally nice (99%) Argentine arsenal blued finish – the best that I’ve ever seen on any Argentine Contract Remington Rolling Block. The rolling block action works perfectly, although it has a fairly heavy military trigger pull. The original flip-up “L” cavalry rear sight has 300 and 500-yard apertures, and it locks properly in both the up and down positions. The bore is quite nice and shiny, with distinct rifling. So, in addition to being a desirable collector’s piece, this should make a great shooter for anyone who handloads. (Factory .43 Spanish ammo is quite scarce, but reloading components are readily available.)  This video shows one of these carbines performing admirably, at the range. Here is one of several companies that make both black powder and smokeless .43 Spanish loads: Reed’s Ammo. (ICL-066) Sending  Silver Dollars (10% discount) POSODOS: $25.54





Production Date

ca. 1885


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