Remington Rolling Block 7×57 Mauser Rifle – Circa 1896

A very nice and desirable Remington Rolling Block 7×57 Mauser South American Contract rifle with original 3-line Remington factory tang markings — with patent dates from 1864 to 1874. This rifle was likely produced by Remington in the mid-1890s, when the modern smokeless 7×57 first became the rage. It has a 29″ pencil barrel and a sleek forend profile that makes it weigh substantially less than the 28″-barrel Mauser 7×57  bolt action rifles of the same era. It has a very nice dark walnut stock with no cracks, chips, or gouges. There are just a few light marks from storage and field use. It has an exceptionally nice (95%)  blued finish. The rolling block action works perfectly, although it has a fairly heavy military trigger pull. The original flip-up range-adjustable “ladder and ramp” rear sight is graduated out to an optimistic 2,300 yards, and it locks properly in both the up and down positions. The only serial number — on the bottom of the action — appears to have been pen-engraved to meet post-1968 import requirements. The bore has grayed but has distinct rifling. It passed a muzzle bullet tip test.  So, in addition to being a desirable collector’s piece, this should make a great shooter (CFKM-772)




Military Rolling Block

Production Date

ca. 1896


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