Pre-1895 Remington Double Derringer in .41 Remington

A fairly scarce antique early-model Remington two-barrel Derringer chambered in .41 Remington Rimfire with a 3-inch barrel. The original blued finish has mostly faded to gray, but the finish looks pleasantly even and “honest”, with just minor handling scratches, and no pitting. The barrel latch lever still shows some original color case hardening. The round barrels are in nice shape and sharply-marked “REMINGTON ARMS Co. ILLION, NY.” on top of the barrel.  (This indicates that this pistol is “Pre-Model 95” and hence legally antique.  (It is noteworthy that most of the Remington Double Derringers are the Model 95 and legally modern. The Model 95 was produced up to the 1920s.) Has original Remington black gutta percha checkered grips with fairly sharp checkering, no cracks or chips, and very minor wear. The screw head looks unmolested. The bore has shallow rifling and just a little scattered shallow pits, so it looks quite shootable. The barrel latch works very nicely, with a fairly tight lock-up.  The hammer works perfectly in both the half-cock and full-cock positions. The ejector works properly. No visible serial number. Note: I have a small quantity of original Remington-made non-corrosive pre-World War 2-production copper-cased .41 Rimfire ammunition available separately, but only for the buyers of any of my Derringers. (EEIR-042)





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