Old Timer Schrade Two Blade Folding Knife

Pre-2004 U.S. Production, NIB Old Timer Schrade 250 tango 2.5” two bladed utility folding knife. It’s grips are dark reddish brown and tan, and made from faux synthetic. Other features include nickel plated bolsters and a plaque in the center of the handle that is inscribed with the words “Old Timer.” The knife comes with a brown leather factory belt pouch and its original factory box. Very handy for wearing on a belt while working! (IQB-010)

Note: In July 2004, the year the company celebrated its 100th anniversary, the Schrade factory in Ellenville was closed. The Schrade name was purchased by Taylor Brands, LLC, who continue to manufacture products under the Schrade brand name as well as Old Timer, Uncle Henry, Imperial, and Smith &Wesson  knives. That production is now in mainland China.  Thus, the pre-2004 is high sought-after, by collectors.



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