NIB Pedersoli Rolling Block Super Match Rifle, .45-90 — No FFL Required!

Pending sale to D.D.: Pedersoli Rolling Block Super Match Creedmoor Rifle, .45-90.  NO FFL required! This new-in the-box shootable replica rifle is an accurate reproduction of the rifle produced in 19th Century on the occasion of the famous international long-distance shooting competition coordinated by N.R.A. on the 26th September of 1874, at Creedmoor, Long Island. Stock and forend made of selected walnut, nicely checkered. The pistol grip stock is particularly comfortable for the long-distance shooting. The forend is completed with a German silver cap. Receiver is beautifully color case hardened. Has a Creedmoor style tang-mounted micro-adjustable vernier rear sight. Chambered in .45-90 which has very limited availability (not readily available in ordinary channels of commercial trade). Designed for peak accuracy, this rifle is ideal for someone who handloads, but the chamber length, is just a bit longer than standard .45-70.  Specifications: 6-groove heavy octagon 34″  barrel with 1-in-460 mm twist rate.  Barrel is marked:  “Black Powder Cartridge Only’. Overall length is 50.875 inches. Weight: is approximately 11.9 lbs. (Varies, depending on the density of the walnut.) Made by Davide Pedersoli, a premier Italian gunmaker. This rifle is brand new, unfired, in the factory box!  Important Note: The relevant Federal law that puts this rifle in the “Antique” category reads: “…any replica of an antique firearm if it is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition, or uses rimfire or conventional centerfire ammunition which is no longer manufactured in the United States, and which is not readily available in ordinary channels of commercial trade.”  – 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3), (a)(16).  Just one available. (ECAU-1873) Firm Price: $1,975




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