SOLD – Minty Finn Valmet M39 Mosin-Nagant on 1896 Receiver!

SOLD – A minty Finnish Mosin-Nagant Valmet Model 39 with just minor handling wear since it was Finnish arsenal rebuilt. It was built using a Valmet (“VKT”) barrel and a 1896-dated Russian Izhevsk receiver.  The blue finish shows almost no wear, the stock is in amazing condition with hardly any handling marks and it has the transitional late-WWII finger jointed splice. The bore on this rifle is excellent – bright and shiny with sharp rifling. It easily passed a bullet muzzle test.  (See the photos.)  The receiver tang is clearly dated “96”. (See photos.) This is very likely one of the Pat Burns “hand select” quality M39s. They are very hard to find in this condition, and on an antique receiver! (AGPL-039)  Price: $1,495 – SOLD





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