Ludwig Loewe M1891 Argentine Mauser Semi-Sporter

A sporterized Ludwig Loewe M1891 Argentine Mauser rifle.  Very good overall condition as refinished and customized. (See photos.)  The barrel is still the original length, measuring 28.5″. The original military stock has had its forend shortened, and the stock is notched for a turned-down- bolt, but the bolt handle is not yet altered. (It is still a straight infantry-style bolt.) The cleaning rod channel in the stock has not yet been filled with a dowel. It is still chambered in 7.65mm Argentine Mauser. Serial # N933X.  The magazine serial number, barrel serial number, and bolt serial number all match the receiver, but the stock has a mismatched number. The crest has been buffed off, which is typical for imported Argentine Mausers. The original military ladder sight is present, and works properly. The original arsenal bluing has partly faded to gray, so this sporter would look better if reblued. The buttplate has light corrosion and needs to be buffed. The bore is excellent: Shiny, with sharp rifling. So this should make a great shooter. Note that Norma and PPU factory 7.65mm Argentine Mauser softnose ammo is readily available.  A useful and reasonably–priced sporter that is also a Federally-exempt antique. (URM-532)





Production Date

ca. 1896


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