Ludwig Loewe M1891 Argentine Mauser Scoped Sporter

A nicely sporterized Ludwig Loewe M1891 Argentine Mauser rifle in 7.65mm Argentine Mauser with a traditional receiver-mounted scope.  It is in excellent overall condition as refinished and sporterzed. (See photos.) The modern Reinhart Fajen walnut Monte Carlo-style stock is excellent. Has sporter sling swivels, front and rear, and a generic adjustable leather sling. The front sling swivel is barrel-mounted, in the European style.  Has a 98% reblued finish on the barrel and receiver, and 80% on the magazine. This rifle’s serial numbers match between the receiver, barrel, and magazine. Has a slick, smooth action. The bolt has been gracefully recontoured to a sporter configuration. The bolt knob is nicely ring-checkered.  A top-quality Beuhler low-swing safety has been installed, and works properly. The trigger pull is long but crisp. The serial number is B064X, making this rifle circa 1896 production. A Cornell 4×32 scope has been installed using a Leupold base and low Leupold scope rings. The scope looks nearly new. There are no iron sights. The original 23.5-military barrel has been shortened to 21 inches, had its sight removed, polished, and nicely reblued. This rifle has a very good bore that has grayed, but has deep, sharp rifling. This would make a great Federally exempt hunting rifle or counter-sniper rifle. (BSS-057)





Production Date

ca. 1896


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