Ludwig Loewe Chilean M1895 Rifle in 7.62mm NATO

A desirable and practical Ludwig Loewe Chilean M1895 Rifle that was one of the few that were arsenal converted to 7.62mm NATO in the 1960s. Serial number  A159X (made in 1895.) Bolt has matching numbers but the floorplate and triggerguard are mismatched–as is typical of rearsenalized rifles.  Because this rifle was rebarreled in the 1960s, it has a nice bore with sharp rifling.  (The Chilean military used all non-corrosive 7.62mm NATO ammunition.) Standard 28″ barrel and straight bolt handle. Aside from some stock dings, this rifle is in great shape, with most of its arsenal bluing. The rear of the receiver bridge is stamped “7.62 N”.  It has no visible import marks, so I assume that it is a pre-1968 import. This would make a great Federally-exempt “spare” rifle for anyone that has standardized with 7.62mm NATO for their battle rifles. And since it has already been arsenal converted, there would be no guilt felt if you were to sporterize it, or turn it into a “scout.” (PBP-197)





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