Ludwig Loewe 7×57 M1891 Argentine Mauser Sporter

A sporterized and rebarreled Ludwig Loewe M1891 Argentine Mauser carbine.  Very good+ overall condition as refinished and customized.   A 7x57mm Mauser sporter contour commercial barrel has been installed.  The barrel is stamped 7×57, just forward of the receiver. The original military stock has been refinished and had its forend shortened. The stock shows some wear with scratches and dents from use in the field. (See photos.) Equipped with a very sturdy sleeved Christy commercial ramp front sight and what I assume is a Christy adjustable rear sight. Has a turned-down calvary-style bolt. The cleaning rod channel in the stock has not yet been filled with a dowel.  Take note that this rifle was originally chambered in 7.65mm Argentine Mauser.  It was re-barreled to  7×57 Mauser.  Be sure to have its headspace checked by a gunsmith, before firing.  Serial # A835X places its date of manufacture as 1891 or 1892.   The magazine serial number and bolt serial number match each other, but do not match the receiver. 98% bluing on the barrel and receiver, about 90% bluing on the magazine. Quite unusually, the Argentine crest is still present on the receiver ring. The blued military buttplate has just a few small blotches. The bore is excellent: Shiny, with distinct rifling. So this should make an accurate hunting rifle or ATV Gun/Truck Gun. Note that 7×57 Mauser softnose ammo is much more readily available than 7.65mm Argentine Mauser.  A very practical and attractive sporter that is also a Federally-exempt antique. (UPK-532)





Production Date

ca. 1891


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