Limited Edition Engraved USHS Colt .44 Dragoon

A now fairly scarce cased minty-condition United States Historical Society limited edition engraved Colt .44 Dragoon Royal Armories percussion revolver. It is in its original hardwood display case including a powder flask, bullet mold, primer tin, and nipple wrench. This is a nice pristine replica of the hefty Second Model Colt Dragoon. The engraved panel scene of “double eagles” (US Historical Society official logo) on left side of frame and the scroll engraving typical of early Colt revolvers. This gun is marked on the top barrel flat: “US HISTORICAL SOCIETY RICHMOND VA” and on left side of barrel: “THE ROYAL ARMORIES – H.M. TOWER OF LONDON”. These revolvers were originally sold by subscription for $2,250 each, in 1989. In a unique historical joint project, The Royal Armouries H.M. Tower of London authorized United States Historical Society in 1989 to produce and issue “The Royal Armouries Colonel Samuel Colt Dragoon” as a limited edition, to commemorate the Dragoon that was put on display at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. This gorgeous revolver is like-new retaining virtually all of its original finish with bright case colors, silver plating, and brilliant bright blue. Gun is mechanically perfect with a shiny crisp bore.  Serial # 10X. Only 200 of these were produced! (EPAR-851)





Production Date

ca. 1988


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