Rare Lee-Enfield .303 Carbine – Made in 1896

Very Rare Lee-Enfield .303 British Cavalry Carbine. This model was replaced by the Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) which was a compromise in length between a long rifle and carbine. These early Lee Carbines were used extensively in the Boer War and elsewhere in the Empire and also in WWI. (See the movie Breaker Morant.) This carbine was later reissued, after the Boer War. It shows British Hussar regimental markings in the stock disc. Later issued to The Canadian Royal North West Mounted Police for duty on the Frontier. The buttstock bears the RNWMP stamp with the issue number 408. These RNWMP carbines are extremely rare with only about 1,000 issued, and probably less than 400 still surviving. The rifle has a correct length 20-3/4″ barrel and is 40″ overall. The metal has excellent sharp markings, clearly dated 1896 – and hence antique. The barrel and receiver have the extremely low serial number of 33, but the bolt is mismatched–numbered 199. The metal surface shows about 70% blue overall with no pitting at all. The barrel receiver and rear sight match the bolt does not. The action works very well. The bore is very fine deep rifling with some shine to it. The correct 6 round magazine (with a bit of pitting) is present was made just for these carbines. The dust cover and magazine cut off are also present and working! The stock are very good with light wear. I found this very rare carbine in the town of Surrey, British Columbia. (PUUL-102)




Lee Enfield Carbine Mark I

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