SOLD — Harpers Ferry Model 1842 Musket Converted to a Shotgun

SOLD — Harpers Ferry Model 1842 Musket converted to a 12-gauge “Forager”-style  muzzleloading shotgun. Has a 33-inch barrel with full-length ramrod. Here is an unusual gun that was either a military “forager” conversion, or a commercial conversion. Has no visible serial number. The lock is dated 1851. (That is possibly its production year–though it may have been made sometime within the following few years.) For some reason, it has “IXX VI” carved in the left side of the stock. That would seem to indicate the date September 10, (18)51. Because this is an early percussion piece, I am selling it strictly as a “wall hanger”, at a very reasonable price. I do not normally deal in percussion guns — I bought this with a group of guns, from an estate. It is in just fair condition, so it is priced accordingly. (PEN-185)   SOLD for $225





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