Ludwig Loewe M1895 .45 ACP Scout

Mauser 1895 Chilean contract (Ludwig Loewe, circa 1895 or 1896) Mauser that has been converted to a .45 ACP sporter carbine using a Rhineland Arms conversion kit. The best of both worlds. Uses any standard M1911 magazines! One 6-round Colt-made stainless steel .45 ACP magazine is included.  Feeds from M1911 magazines, with difficulty. To explain: Because the action was designed for a long 7×57 rifle cartridge and the .45 ACP cartridge is fat and stubby, the cartridges do not usually make the “jump” from the magazine feed lips to the chamber unless you cycle the action with the muzzle pointed downward. Also note that with this conversion the difference in the ejector means that the ejector block will always be at an angle, rather than laying flush.  (See photos.) Has a new fiberglass stock. 16.5″ barrel is new, with threaded muzzle and thread protector. An XS Clifton 6″ long Scout (forward) scope mount Picatinny scope base has been installed. (Accepts any Picatinny-compatible rings or optics.) This will make a great Federally-exempt “antique” suppressor host. At considerable expense, the barrel, action, and scope base have been freshly Cerakoted in MagPul OD green, with contrasting brown Cerakote on the stock. The bolt and bolt stop still have a worn finish. (NGBN-089)

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