SOLD — Colt Lightning .44-40 Rifle

SOLD — Scarce Colt Lightning medium frame pump action rifle in .44-40. Original, and unaltered! It has that honest “fresh off the ranch” look. This gun came from a ranch north of Post Falls, Idaho. Overall, it has a pleasant fairly even gray patina. Buttplate has fairly even brown patina. There is no remaining bluing, and just a bit of color case hardening remaining on the hammer and trigger. Early 459X serial number. Made in 1885. Period buckhorn rear sight, in nice condition. 25” round barrel with full-length magazine. This is an early “pre-dustcover” Lightning. Failed a muzzle bullet test, but it has plenty of rifling remaining. Wood is in fairly nice shape, with one small pinned repair to the rear of the slide, and one small pinned repair just behind the receiver. Checkering on slide is worn. Mechanically sound, but the action feels a bit gummy on the opening stroke. And since this is a blackpowder era gun, it should be inspected by a qualified gunsmith, and then, if approved, fired only with mild handloads. (EESY-133). Price: $1,660


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