Cerakoted Winchester Model 1890 Takedown .22

A Winchester Model 1890 Takedown originally chambered in .22 Short. This takedown rifle was made circa 1893. (Serial # 2984X). This rifle has been freshly Cerakoted in flat black color, for a weatherproof finish. There are a few pits on the crescent buttplate visible under the Cerakoting. This rifle appears to be mechanically unaltered except that the magazine tube loading slot is shaped for cartridges longer than .22 Short–most likely .22 Long.  The octagonal barrel is roughly 23″ overall and is marked “22 SHORT”. The walnut wood stock and forend are nice, with dark original finish, with just a few small dings. Mechanically, it appears to function well, but the hammer will not hold quarter-cock, when the trigger is pulled. The bore shows minor corrosion. However it still has very distinct rifling. The screw heads are all in nice shape. The sights appear to be factory original and unaltered. This should make a dandy shooter. It is a good candidate for chamber deepening to .22 LR.  (EPLN-655)





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