SOLD: Boer War-Vintage Scoped 6.5×55 M1895 Loewe Mauser Sporter

SOLD — A Boer War-vintage  M1895 Ludwig Loewe Mauser custom scoped sporter in a Kimber camouflage ca mouflage stock. It is equipped with a Weaver scope base, Weaver detachable scope rings, and a classic Weaver K6 scope with fine wire crosshairs.  This rifle is in excellent shape overall. The dark green, tan, brown, and black leaf camouflage pattern stock has standard QD sling swivels and is in excellent condition–showing just a tiny bit of handling wear since it was sporterized. (Apparently, it has had very little use, since then.) Many of these stocks were made of Dupont Rynite fiberglass by Garth Choate, and supplied to Kimber. The “Ludw. Loewe & Co. Berlin” marked receiver has no prefix. (Serial # 932X.) These markings are most often seen on those purchased in 1896 and 1897 by the South African Republic (ZAR), during the Boer War. The square-bottom bolt is also typical of Boer rifles. The bolt sleeve and bolt stop are not numbered.  The bolt is still cock-on-closing (which many shooters prefer) and has been equipped with a low “MARK II” swing style safety for scope clearance.  The bolt handle was very gracefully converted for scope clearance and it has a drilled-out handle ball. This rifle has a commercial adjustable trigger. This rifle has a thin profile Kimber-marked recoil pad.  The bore is fairly shiny and it has nice sharp rifling. The barrel is a modern commercial straight taper type replacement from an unknown maker–possibly Shilen–with no front sight. I suspect that it is a Shilen, because of the Shilen-style muzzle crowning. (See closeup photo.) The barrel length in 19.5-inches. It is clearly stamped “6.5×55” All-in-all this is a great  6.55×55 sporter that is the best of both worlds: A Federally-exempt pre-1899 antique but with a modern barrel and capable of great precision shooting as a deer rifle or counter-sniper rifle. (ZFGZ-892)





Production Date

ca. 1897


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