Blued/Casehardened/Brass Navy Arms-Uberti .44 Model 1860

A nearly-new brass triggerguard Navy Arms (Uberti) replica of a Colt .44 Model 1860. Has a 7.5-inch blued round barrel.  Brass frame and smooth walnut grips. The cylinder has a nice sharp scene of a naval ship battle. The frame has been toned and is notched for a shoulder stock. Serial Number: 9029X. Has just minor handling and cylinder-turn marks. The wedge screw is absent. (Note: It takes a standard blackpowder revolver wedge screw, available inexpensively on eBay.) Includes a modern replica russet leather flap holster. Since it is a blackpowder percussion revolver,  no FFL is required. (PNIH-392)





Production Date


$12.00 (PRE-1965)

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$15.00 in Pre-’65 Silver Coin —or— With Multiplier $321.00 in FRNs (via Check or USPS PMO)