SOLD — Cerakoted Belgian S&W DA Copy .44-40

Belgian-made copy of a S&W .44-40 Double Action revolver. This revolver is a six-shot, double action model with a 6-inch barrel and is chambered in 44-40 Winchester — as is marked (“44 WCF”) on the frame. There is no maker marking, but it appears to be a Clement. The action works fine in double action and single action with good timing and a slight “wiggle” at full cock. The extractor works fine. The bore is excellent with sharp rifling and just scattered light freckling– I’d rate that at 8/10. The metal had a black/brown patina finish with some minor pitting when I found it. Note that this revolver just had its trigger return spring professionally replaced.  The same shop polished and Cerakoted in the handsome “Crushed Silver” Cerakote color. You’re getting a very practical carry revolver with a weather-durable finish, chambered in a potent caliber, at an affordable price. (UBKZ-585)



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