Belgian .44-40 S&W DA Copy

Belgian-made copy of a S&W .44 Double Action revolver. This revolver is a six shot, double action model with a 6-inch barrel and is chambered in 44-40 Winchester — as is marked (“For .44. Winchester Cartridge”) on the barrel rib. There is no maker marking. Marked “Belgium” on the left side of the frame and serial number 183X on the right side of the frame along with typical Belgian proof marks. The action works fine in double and single action with good timing, but the lock-up at full cock is slightly wobbly. The bore is good, and looks quite shootable with sharp rifling, but some pitting. I’d rate the bore at 6/10. The smooth walnut grips are good looking and well-proportioned but possibly replacements and the grip screw nut (brass) is definitely a replacement.  (See photos.) Also included in a very nice condition Lawrence of Oregon pre-WW2 leather shoulder holster (for a right-hander) that fits quite well.  (IUS-711)





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