Beautiful Scoped Loewe Chilean .243 Winchester Mauser Sporter

A dandy-looking scoped Ludwig Loewe Chilean contract Mauser sporter, re-barreled to the popular and flat-shooting.243 Winchester cartridge!  Made circa 1896.  Clearly marked “Loewe Berlin”, confirming its antique status. Note that per Federal law, re-barreling and/or sporterizing does not change the Federally  exempt status of a pre-1899 antique gun. This rifle was very nicely sporterized.  Mismatched serial numbers. Has a low-swing bolt handle, standard military safety lever, and high scope mount with 1″ rings.  Has a modern 24.5″ tapered blued .243 Winchester barrel with counter-bored muzzle.  No iron sights. Jeweled bolt body. Equipped with a Tasco variable-power scope. The scope shows more wear than the rifle, so it should probably be replaced with a more modern scope. (The scope will be coming to you dismounted, with rings attached. Has no sling swivels installed. This is a very nice sleek-looking .243 sporter with a quite stunning custom-made Monte Carlo style hand-checkered walnut stock with some quite nice tigerstripe cross-grain figuring at the comb, ebony forend tip, and triple diamond inlays on the right side. (See photos.) Someone obviously put a lot of time and money into building this beautiful sporter. This will make a great Federally-exempt deer rifle or counter-sniper rifle. Important Note: Because.243 Winchester factory loads can develop pressures that exceed the specifications for this receiver, it is being sold with the understanding that only mild .243 handloads will be used! (AGUM-721)





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