Webley & Scott WG in .455 Eley

Army & Navy C.S.L. retailer-marked Webley & Scott “WG” Army Model double action .455 Eley Revolver with 6ӊsolid rib barrel. The “WG” Army Model was widely purchased from Army & Navy Cooperative Society, Ltd. (C.S.L.) stores and other retailers by British officers in the late 19th century. This one has the Army & Navy C.S.L. marking on the top of the barrel. Standard blade and notch service sights, “‘WG’ ARMY MODEL” on the left side of the top strap, “455/476” on the left side of the barrel lug, the Webley patent and bullet trademark on the left side of the frame, “9875” on the right side of the frame and left side of the heel, “8846” also on the left side of the grip frame, matching “875” on the back of the cylinder, mis-matched “9253” on the inside of the grips. Has a correct a lanyard ring on the butt. Very fine condition with 95% plus original nickel plating, minor flaking, and light scratches and marks. The grips are very good and have some small chips and bruises, a splice on the front left panel, and mild handling wear. Mechanically fine condition.  Bore has Excellent rifling, with no pitting. I’d rate the bore at 10/10. (EEEY-509) Firm Price: $1,795




Production Date

ca. 1890



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