Forehand & Wadsworth .22 Sidehammer Revolver

A fairly scarce early 1870s Forehand & Wadsworth sidehammer revolve, in .22 Rimfire. Has no visible serial number. This dainty purse or pocket revolver has a 2 1/2″ octagonal barrel with semi-circular sight, 7-shot fluted cylinder, a side hammer, a spur trigger, and two-piece period (pre-ban) elephant ivory grips. The metal retains 30% of its original nickel finish. Sideplate and sideplate screw are replacements The ivory grips shows small cracks and age-related yellowing. This is either a “wall hanger/paper weight” or will require gunsmithing, because the cylinder does not rotate when the action is cycled. Dark bore with worn rifling. A good representative piece from the early days of Forehand & Wadsworth — circa 1871-1875. It must be early because they discontinued their sidehammer design around 1875. (EAI-872)




Single Action

Production Date

ca. 1872


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