1,200-Round Crate of Yugoslavian 8×57 Mauser Ball

ALL SOLD: Scarce full sealed crates of 1,200 rounds of full military specification surplus Yugoslavian 8x57mm Mauser. (Also known as 7.92mm Mauser.) Each crate contains a lead-sealed can of 1,200 rounds of full metal jacket (FMJ) ammo with brass cases. The cans have a typical Soviet Bloc “pull wire” dowel for opening the can. This ammo is packed in 15-round cardboard boxes.  Corrosive Berdan primers. (Not reloadable.)  This is considered to be some of the best in 8mm Mauser military ammo for accuracy and consistency. The packing date makings on the crates range from 1950 to 1953.  Only a few crates left. The supply of this ammo dried up in the United States before 2005.  Note that the prevailing secondary market price on Yugoslavian 8mm ball ammo is $1.25 per round.  The crate photo shown is representative of this batch. The crate that you receive may have different markings and be from a different year of production. (KIS-792)



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