6.5 Carcano M1891 Torino Sporter — Dated 1896

A Carcano M1891 6.5mm Torino iron sight  sporter. The receiver is quite clearly dated 1896!  This sporterized Italian military bolt action service rifle is chambered in 6.5x52mm. Serial # is OP464X.  Features a blued finish, 20″ barrel, blade front sight, adjustable rearr sight, arsenal original straight bolt handle, smooth wood straight grip shoulder stock,  and a  smooth steel buttplate. Has approximately 90% of its reblued finish, except for the buttplate, which has plenty of wear and some pitting. The original rear sling swivel is present. No front sling swivel has yet been installed.  The stock has been cut down to a sporter profile and the cleaning rod hole filled. (See photos.) Judging by the front sight mounting and the barrel crown, this rifle was made as a 20″ barrel short rifle and the barrel length has not been altered. The bore has moderate wear, with clearly visible rifling. Carcanos that are dated 1898 or earlier are very hard to find!  (More than 99% of Carcano production was after 1898.) Note that 6.5×52 Carcano softnose ammo is now produced by Prvi Partisan (PPU) in Serbia, and it is widely available. This is a handy-length short rifle that should make a good shooter.  (PBB-891)





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