Hopkins & Allen XL Dog’s Head .38 Spur Trigger Revolver

A Hopkins & Allen XL Model “Dog’s Head” chambered in .38 rimfire in very fine condition. It is a 5-shot single-action revolver with spur trigger and round barrel. It has a 3.5” barrel. It retains 80%+ original nickel finish with just scratches and just a few small losses to the nickel. The patent date markings are crisp, so this does not appear to be have been re-nickeled! Has nice mechanical function with a fairly tight lockup –just a very slight wobble at full cock. It has original “Dog’s Head” black gutta percha grips that are in very nice condition. Hopkins & Allen was a sister company to Merwin, Hulbert, so Dog’s Head grips are sometimes also found on Merwin, Hulbert, revolvers. The low serial # (191X) would indicate early production, before 1885.  (ERY-719)  $275





Production Date

ca. 1885